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A Guide to Electrical Equipment for Industrial Areas

Fluorescent LightingThis technical information given below outlines the design and use of luminaires for use in Industrial Applications. The information given applies specifically to Chalmit products and to the topic in general.

Chalmit® luminaires are designed and manufactured in accordance with good engineering practice and to well established luminaire construction standards. The equipment must be selected, installed and maintained and disposed of in accordance with any regulation or legislation appropriate to its use. Installation and Maintenance leaflets are included with all luminaires and are available on request. These contain information essential to the safe use of the equipment and must be read and understood by installers and users before putting equipment into service.
CE Marking

All Chalmit® luminaires carry the CE Marking which indicates that they meet requirements of the Low Voltage and EMC directives of the EU as transposed into UK law.
Compliance with General Product Standards

Luminares are designed to comply with luminaire construction standard EN 60598 (IEC 598).
Luminaires which comply with the individual product standard will have their internal components operating within their rated performance when operating at the maximum rated ambient temperature. This contributes to the reliability and, ultimately, to the safety of the installation.
Electrical Supplies, Control Gear & Power Factor Correction
Industrial Floodlighting
The standard electrical supply for Chalmit® luminaires operating in an industrial area is generally 230V/50Hz. As continuous operation of control gear at more than 6% of voltage setting is not recommended, most Chalmit® luminaires will have the facility to overcome this by either tappings (in the case of copper and iron control gear) or by use of a high frequency electronic ballast (fluorescents only) with a wide range of V/Hz.

Most Chalmit® products are available with alternative V/Hz to 230V/50Hz including 110 and 120 voltages. Those with copper and iron contol gear are power factor corrected to values greater than 0.85 depending on the lamp, supply voltage and frequency. PFC can be omitted where supplies have large harmonic components which could damage capacitors. Fluorescents with high frequency electronic ballasts have power factor near unity. The V/Hz should always be stated when ordering.