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  Chalmlite® Software

  A Division of Hubbell Ltd
Easy Maintenance = A Reduction in Costs

Chalmit® luminaires are designed to ensure that they are simple and easy to maintain. This results in a reduction in maintenance time compared to other products on the market. By installing easily maintained products you can significantly reduce the overall maintenance costs of a specific site or platform.
Evolution IIEvolution Floodlight Range
With its single bolt opening, the Evolution concept ensures easy access to lamp and control gear. The need for maintenance on the flamepaths is removed due to the only flamepaths being located within the IP67 seal of the gear cover. The Evolution could be classed as maintenance free.
To see the Evolution features in more details, click here.
Protecta Fluorscent Range
 Protecta III
Re-Lamping, Cable Connection & Routine Maintenance via easily opened full length clamp bar. Clamp bar opened by placing screwdriver or similar object into the slots on clamp bar, then levering away from diffuser. This gives access to, both, lamps and control gear.
To see the Protecta III features in more details, click here.