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Hubbell Announcement
For information relating to the HSE announcement regarding A-Belco please view the Hubbell response

Hadar and A-Belco Acquisition
Hubbell Ltd is delighted to announce the acquisition of key products from Hadar Lighting and the Industrial Connectors Division of A-Belco Ltd. Click here to find out more.

Eclipse II LED Well-Glass
Ex n Luminaire

The Eclipse ii is a Zone 2 LED well-glass up to 15340 lumens. Utilizing the very latest LED technology this 120,000 hour, highly Energy Efficient luminaire has been designed to make installation quick and simple. It has a lightweight corrosion resistant aluminium body, heat resistant glass and stainless steel fasteners. It has been tested to IP66 and is suitable for use in harsh environments. The protection is Ex nA, incorporating a LED lamp chamber and a non-sparking control gear and terminal housing. This design removes the need for special cable or cable glands. The lamp glass has a screwed thread for quick access.

The control gear housing hinges on the mounting and termination cover and is held in position by a single screw barrel nut. The single screw barrel nut permits easy access and closure of the luminaire during installation and should maintenance be required. There is a range of wall, surface and stanchion mountings which may be integrated in the design. An enclosed reflector for high bay applications is also available. A range of external reflectors is available to direct light efficiently to where it is required, please refer to the product datasheet for further details.

Click here for Eclipse II LED Well-Glass datasheet
Click here for Industrial Eclipse II LED

Protecta LED Retrofit
Our new Protecta LED Retrofit is a revolutionary product that provides a unique solution to upgrade your existing Protecta III fluorescents. Specifically designed for quick and simple installation, the latest LED technology can now be utilised for all hazardous area and hostile environment lighting applications.

Some of the benefits include:
  • The retrofit is possible under 10mins, once power has been isolated. No special tools required.
  • An impressive 120,000 maintenance free hours at 25°C to L70 - far in excess of the life of available fluorescent lamps.
  • More efficient, with a lower power consumption than the fluorescent equivalent.
  • An equivalent photometric performance compared to the Protecta III fluorescent, meaning negligible impact on your lighting levels.
  • The LED strips are available in two different colour temperatures to provide the desired lighting quality for the application.
  • All components are fully maintainable and replaceable.

Watch this video to discover how to retrofit your existing Protecta II Fluorescent luminaires with ease.

For further information, please contact the Chalmit Sales team.

Information on Mono-Pin Lamps & Ex e Lighting Products
The following information is clarification of Hubbell Scotland’s position following the recent news that Aura are closing down their T8 lamp manufacturing in Sweden and are discontinuing production of their Super Ex Mono-Pin tube. Click here to find out more.

Download the new LED SOLUTIONS here

Nevis LED Bulklight
Brand new to the market Chalmit® have launched an LED bulklead that can produce a lumen output equivalent to a HPS 70W luminaire. The Nevis LED has all the existing benefits that original Nevis has, low temperature operation -55°C, IP66/67 & hinged front cover but also has the additional benefits offered by incorporating LEDs deliverng an instant bright white light which last longer and supports up to 60,000 maintenance free hours (70% inital lumens).
Utilising LEDs as the primary light source is ideal for applications where area lighting is required and maintenance needs to be kept to a minimum.
Solas LED Emergency Floodlight
The Chalmit® product design team have recently launched a brand new innovation in emergency LED lighting. The Solas is a new generation for LED lighting ideal for installation where area lighting is required but traditional re-lamping can be difficult.

The Solas is available as an emergency version which is operable in either maintained mode or non-maintained mode. This gives the flexibility of using the luminaire for both normal lighting and in emergency situations. A remote inhibition facility is also available.

Chalmit - Newsroom
For information on new product releases, application stories and industry features, Chalmit® have established a dedicated newsroom. This has been designed to assist editorial teams and other industry professionals by providing press releases and high resolution .jpgs that are available to download.

Exhibition Schedule 2015
Chalmit®will be participating at the following international exhibitions and conferences. Please take the opportunity to come along and meet some members of the team:

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