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  Chalmlite® Software

  A Division of Hubbell Ltd

Photometric Data

Chalmit has developed a design program to assist in the development of your installation's lighting design.
This easy to use package allows new projects to be developed rapidly, removing the need for time consuming complicated photometric tables. Chalmlite® also includes quantity estimators for interior, exterior and aisle lighting schemes to allow for quick and easy budgeting.
To download the IES photometric data files for the complete range of Chalmit luminaires, click here
A step by step guide is available here to download on how to import Chalmit IES photometry into DIALux or Relux
This package is available to download free of charge, please complete your contact details here and you will be kept informed with alll new developments in Chalmlite® .
To view the Chalmlite® End User License Agreement, please download here