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Universal Box Remote Gearbox
Currently viewing: Universal Box Remote Gearbox from Chalmit Lighting
Product ID: 00053
Universal Box Remote Gearbox
Ex e Control Boxes
The Universal Box is designed for use in both Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas. The universal gearbox replaces the 720 Ex e remote gearbox series used to supply floodlights without integral control gear. Where an ignitor is required it must be with the luminaire. The correction capacitors are in the control box.

The range also replaces the 700/702 Ex d control box but does not replace the 700/702 box with ignitor. The main range is for 150W to 600W hps lamps. These models also replace the 500/501 series Ex N gearbox but do not replace those gear boxes with internal ignitors. The universal transformer also replaces the 700 Ex d series transformer box the usual application of which is supplying 230V range control gear from 120V supplies.

The transformer is an auto design not a double wound design. It is for lighting applications not for electrical safety. The rating is 500 and 1000VA. Both the control gear and transformers have a built-in thermal cut-out which resets after the mains supply is switched off for a short period. This protection is needed for lighting control gear operating during possible lamp faults. This range will often be used as replacements for obsolete items using a variety of lamps. The IOM sent with each product and available on request contains essential information for correct application.
  • ATEX Certified
  • GOST R Approved

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