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Nexxus II LED Bulkhead
Currently viewing: Nexxus II LED Bulkhead from Chalmit Lighting
Product ID: 00062
  Nexxus II LED Bulkhead

The Nexxus II low power LED bulkhead luminaire is suitable for a wide range of applications and ambient temperatures. With reduced energy consumption when compared to traditional light sources this versatile luminaire is suitable for ceiling, wall and bulkhead mounting.


·  Fixing points outside restricted breathing enclosure

·  High corrosion resistance

·  Through wire or looping as standard

·  Prismatic lens

·  Suitable for low temperature applications

· Very low power consumption

·  Highly Energy Efficient

·  Suitable for Zone 21 combustible dust environments Equivalent performance to a 26W CFL




PDF Downloads
The following PDFs are available to download:

Nexxus II Product Datasheet
 Click here to download the PDF (413.83kb)

Product Specifications
The following table lists all technical details associated with this particular item...

Type of Protection     Ex nR tb
Area Classification     Zone 21 and 22 areas
ATEX Classification     Group II Category 3 GD
Group II Category 2 D
IECEx     IECEx BAS 11.0017X
ATEX     Baseefa11ATEX0031X (Category 3, Zone 2/22)
Baseefa11ATEX0032X (Category 3, Zone 21)
Coding     Ex II 3 GD Ex nR IIC
Ex II 3 GD Ex tc IIIC T70°C Dc
Ex II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T70°C Db
(refer to datasheet for T rating and Ambient)
Enclosure     Aluminium LM6 body, RAL-9005 black semi gloss smooth textured finish
with toughened glass and silicone gasket
Reflector/Geartray     Brushed aluminium
Entry     2 x M20 cable entries
Termination     3 core 6mm˛ max. conductor with looping or through wiring 16A max. current rating
Lamp Type     12 x 1W light emitting diodes
Colour: white
Control Gear     Electronic
Burning Position     Universal
Ingress Protection     IP66
Electrical Supply     110/254V AC 50/60Hz

ATEX Certifications
This type of certification is a European Union requirement for all electrical equipment to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres. The ATEX EC-Type Examination Certificate is issued against the Essential Health and Safety Requirements (EHSRs) given in Annex II of the ATEX directive.

These are classified into ATEX Category 3 and ATEX Category 2 products.

Filename: C-NE2N-01CERTATEXNexxusII_BAS11ATEX0031X.pdf
ATEX Certificate for Nexxus II (Zone 2/22)
 Click here to download the PDF (241.04kb)

Filename: C-NE2N-02-CERTATEXNexxusII_BAS11ATEX0032X.pdf
ATEX Certificate for the Nexxus II (Zone 21 - Dust)
 Click here to download the PDF (247.58kb)

IECEx Certifications
The IECEx scheme is an international certification based on the use of IEC standards. The aim of IECEx is to facilitate international trade by providing one certificate, regardless of origin to show that explosion proof equipment is safe for use.

Filename: C-NE2N-03-CERTIECNexxusII_IECExBAS110017X.pdf
IECEx Certificate for the Nexxus II
 Click here to download the PDF (282.22kb)

ATEX Downloads

Filename: I-NE2N-01.pdf
Installation & Operation Manual for the Nexxus II
 Click here to download the PDF (366.28kb)

IEC Ex Downloads

Filename: I-NE2N-01.pdf
Installation & Operation Manual for the Nexxus II
 Click here to download the PDF (366.28kb)

IES Files
From this page you can download electronic IES photometric data for our luminaires to facilitate lighting design in current lighting design software. These files are provided in accordance with the ANSI approved ‘IESNA Standard File Format for the Electronic Transfer of Photometric Data’ and is presented in an ASCII format.

If a particular IES file is not visible, please contact our lighting design team,

 Click here to download the IES files in ZIP format (9.39kb)

PDF Downloads
The following PDFs are available to download:

Filename: TechSupport_.pdf
Please contact our Tecnnical Support Team for updated dimensional drawings
 Click here to download the PDF (527.18kb)