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Eclipse II LED
Currently viewing: Eclipse II LED from Chalmit Lighting
Product ID: 00074
  Eclipse II LED

Eclipse II LED Well-Glass 

Ex n Luminaire


The Eclipse II is a Zone 2 LED well-glass up to 15640lm lumens. Utilising the very latest LED technology this 120,000 hour, highly Energy Efficient  luminaire has been designed to make installation quick and simple   

It has a lightweight corrosion resistant aluminium body, heat resistant glass and stainless steel fasteners. It has been tested to IP66 and is suitable for use in harsh environments. The protection is Ex nA, incorporating a LED lamp chamber and a non-sparking control gear and terminal housing. This design removes the need for special cable or cable glands. The lamp glass has a screwed thread for quick access. 

The control gear housing hinges on the mounting and termination cover and is held in position by a single screw barrel nut. The single screw barrel nut permits easy access and closure of the luminaire during installation and should maintenance be required. There is a range of wall, surface and stanchion mountings which may be integrated in the design. An enclosed reflector for high bay applications is also available. A range of external reflectors is available to direct light efficiently to where it is required, please refer to the product datasheet for further details.

The Eclipse II LED wellglass has been designed to make installation quick and simple.The lamp and gear chambers are separated for easy maintenance and require no special cable glands.




  • Instant on crisp white light output.
  • Highly Energy Efficient.
  • 120,000 maintenance free hours at 25°C.
  • Low temperature applications to -40°C.




PDF Downloads
The following PDFs are available to download:

Eclipse II LED product datasheet (English)
 Click here to download the PDF (343.53kb)

Product Specifications
The following table lists all technical details associated with this particular item...

Type of Protection     Ex nA (Non Sparking)
Ex tc (Dust Protected Enclosure)
- refer to IEC Ex certificate
Area Classification     Zone 2 areas
ATEX Classification     Group II Category 3 GD
IECEx     IEXEx BAS 05.0053X
ATEX     Type Examination Certificate
Coding     Ex nA IIC Gc
Ex tc IIIC Dc
Enclosure     Painted aluminium body with glass globe.
Entry     Up to 4 x M20 cable entries
Termination     3 core 6mm2 max. conductor with looping
Installation     Surface mounted
Ingress Protection     IP66
Electrical Supply     120-254V AC 50/60Hz

ATEX Certifications
This type of certification is a European Union requirement for all electrical equipment to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres. The ATEX EC-Type Examination Certificate is issued against the Essential Health and Safety Requirements (EHSRs) given in Annex II of the ATEX directive.

These are classified into ATEX Category 3 and ATEX Category 2 products.

Filename: C-EC2N01--CERTATEXExnEclipseIInEclipseJuniorBaseefa04ATEX0393X.pdf
ATEX Certificate for the Eclipse II LED
 Click here to download the PDF (1.12mb)

IECEx Certifications
The IECEx scheme is an international certification based on the use of IEC standards. The aim of IECEx is to facilitate international trade by providing one certificate, regardless of origin to show that explosion proof equipment is safe for use.

Filename: CERTIECExnEclipseIInEclipseJuniorIECExBAS05.0053X.pdf
IECEx Certificate for the Eclipse II LED
 Click here to download the PDF (1.04mb)

ATEX Downloads

Filename: I-EC2N-04.pdf
ATEX installation instructions for the Eclipse II LED (English)
 Click here to download the PDF (474.17kb)

IEC Ex Downloads

Filename: I-EC2N-05.pdf
IECEx installation instructions for the Eclipse II LED (English)
 Click here to download the PDF (609.29kb)

PDF Downloads
The following PDFs are available to download:

Filename: TechSupport_.pdf
Please contact our Tecnnical Support Team for updated dimensional drawings
 Click here to download the PDF (527.18kb)