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00061   Sterling II HF Stainless Steel
Surface Mounted Fluorescent

Product Specifications
The following table lists all technical details associated with this particular item...

Enclosure     Stainless steel body, clear polycarbonate diffuser & quick release stainless steel clips.
Reflector/Geartray     White epoxy polyester coated steel
Entry     3 x 20mm entries
Termination     Looping & through wiring for 3 core 4mm˛ conductors (4 core on emergency versions)
Installation     Access via two 8mm clearance holes for M8 fasteners on the rear of the body.
Lampholder     G13
Lamp Type     T8 tubular fluorescent
Control Gear     High frequency electronic control gear
Relamping     Via quick release stainless steel clips
Ingress Protection     IP65 to EN 60529
Electrical Supply     240V 50Hz (Always state V/Hz when ordering)
Battery     Ni-Cd (6V)
Duration     3 hours (Emergency versions only)